Saturday, August 20, 2016

Very round golf ball shaped UFO solid white 40,000 feet Cochranville PA 8/19/16

On Friday August 19th about 12:10 in the afternoon, while spotting airplanes via my binoculars, (I hobby watching aircraft utilizing Flight Radar 24) I was watching a Delta flight flying from Northeast direction when just above it a stationary UFO, perfectly round and golf ball like, caught my attention. Thinking of course it was just another aircraft I checked my iPad radar and it was not on it. I looked again and realized it really was just hovering high in the air. Going from the altitude of the Delta flight I ascertain the UFO to have been 40,000 or more feet up. The UFO then started to slowly drift to the Southeast in the same contrail direction of the Delta, and then it abruptly shot to its upper left direction and subsequently vanished. The entire episode was little under a minute, but it s something I'll never forget. I can only say that in the purest sense of the acronym, this UFO Sighting truly was, for me at least, an unidentifiable object "UFO". MUFON CMS# 78548

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