Tuesday, August 30, 2016

UFOs appeared disappeared zigzagged in sky Billings MT US 8/29/16

At approximately 8:45 PM, a star-like UFO appeared above South tree line traveling faster than a satellite, slowed its path and illuminated bright white light three times within the same path, brighter than any star in the sky. The UFO stopped moving several times and disappeared above the NW tree line. A second UFO appeared almost directly overhead in the West, illuminated bright light and moved S by SW. The second UFO stopped moving and blended like faint star. At that same moment, in the same N by NW location where the first UFO disappeared, a bright white light illuminated and zipped towards the second star-like UFO. A third UFO appeared in between the first and second UFOs traveling N by NW. The first UFO illuminated bright white and changed direction from moving extremely fast S by SW to N by NW without any delay or change in speed. The second UFO stayed on one place and the other two UFOs disappeared above the NW tree line. At approximately 9:00 PM, two jets (possibly F-15's) flew cross patterns around the location of the UFOs and circled back around the sighting area instead of continuing the same flight path. One jet came from the SE and one from the SW. Approximately two minutes after the jets, a large plane (a bomber sized vessel), flying much lower, traveling N by NW did a big 180 around the location of the sighting and continued flying back to the SE. Similar to the two jets, this large plane had identifying lights on the wings, but it also had a solid red light in the center, much brighter than the lights on the wings. The slower moving plane flew slowly overhead and turned around in the same location as the first two jets. I could hear the afterburners from the three marked vessels, but no sound came from the UFOs. At approximately 9:10 PM, a fourth UFO from the East appeared, as faint as a star, and started traveling in the same direction as the large plane, towards the SE. This UFO did not illuminate bright light but traveled much faster than the plane and two jets. However, no afterburner sound could be heard. This fourth UFO faintly appeared and disappeared three in a 10-second time-frame before disappearing all together. MUFON CMS# 78802

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