Tuesday, August 2, 2016

UFO was transparent lights around the circumference followed our car IE 11/15/12

It began when I was at my father's house. My brother, sister and I where there. My sister and I where inside, and my brother was outside. My father had left two hours prior to the event to go to work. We where waiting for our mother to pick us up. I was sitting in the house when my brother ran in talking about " strange glowing orbs " in the field in front of our house ( the house was in the country side ). At first I didn't believe him but I went outside anyway, and sure enough there it was as clear as could be. It was hovering around 30 feet off the ground, and about 20 feet away from where I was standing. It was Circular in shape, with seemingly no physical structure. It was completely transparent, with pulsating glowing pale yellow orbs slowly spinning around the outer most circumference. There was a smaller circle on the inside slightly elevated above the outer circle of orbs. I would estimate that the ship had a radius of about 15 feet. One thing I noted was the almost scary silence at the time. No wind or any ambient noise. Just silence, I could even hear my heartbeat it was that astoundingly quiet. The UFO seemed to fade away and then fade back every couple of minutes. I haven't really told anyone about my encounter and this is why. None of us had any phones or cameras etc. To document the UFO. My mother eventually arrived to collect us and we pointed it out to her as well. I asked if I could take a picture with her phone only for her to hand me her old Nokia with no camera ( she is terrible with phones ). This where it gets most interesting, we got into the car and we set off to a town that was about 5 miles away to get some food, and to our amazement the UFO followed us. It perfectly matched our speed, and the scary silence followed us, even the cars engine sounded quieter than usual ( perhaps some kind of stealth sound suppressant technology? It would make sense along with the fact that it was transparent ). About half way to the town, I asked my mum to stop so I could get out and look at it for a while, with it still being only about 30 feet from the ground, and now closer to us than before. So me and my brother got out to look at it for about 10 minutes and then we got back in the car. This part was scary, my mother went to turn on the car, and there was no response. The car was in a sense "dead" or drained of all power. The headlights became a did yellow orange and the car wouldn't start for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden it just reverted to normal and started up as if there was never a problem. So we continued on until we reached the edge of the small town, all the while I was keeping my eyes glued on the UFO. And just when we reached the signpost saying "Welcome to *town name*" the UFO stopped for a second, slowly went back a few feet and dissipated. It just faded away. That was the first and last time we ever saw it. We have since moved away from that area, but for the remaining few years we where there I always looked out to that field at night in the hopes of another sighting, but it never happened. Now, I mentioned before that none of us had any phones cameras etc. But I have a theory that this is why it appeared before us. There was no one but us in that area on that night, and we had no technology capable of documenting the UFO, is it possible that it/they somehow knew this? I was recently speaking to a man who was hiking in New Mexico. He saw exactly what I described to him, and funnily enough he mentioned the scary silence, and the fact that he had no phone/camera. I hope my encounter helps in some way in this community coming a few steps closer to the truth. MUFON CMS# 78124

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