Monday, August 15, 2016

Experience with UFO Alien entities and implants Long Beach Township New Jersey 8/4/16

A paranormal group visited me on the first week of August 2016 because I did not know where to turn. I explained to them I was experiencing occult influences in the form of entities that were able to control my thoughts and talk to me with my own voice it has been going on for seven years. I thought it was a mixture of Alien and supernatural but was not sure and needed help. I told them I did experience seeing a UFO at least twice I saw one fly over my home around seven years ago when this all began, it was very large, about the size of my house, and flew off extremely fast when I saw it for about a second there over my house. The second UFO Sightings event was around five months ago and it flew left, then flew right, stayed there for a short while. I showed no interest because of my symptoms and it disappeared. I have been guided into believing the control over my mind is robotic and from implants. They have mentioned reptilian to me. I saw a Alien gray once in my room but am not sure what to consider actual because I know they like to trick and manipulate. The word Illuminati comes up a lot. I have been getting attacked both mentally and physically when the paranormal group came they tested me for EMF signals, and I was emitted them from the left side of my ear and my arm. The group has it recorded on a camera video phone they tried reaching out to MUFON and was told to personally submit a report. I can ask for the video of the EMF when you reply to this if you need it. I am unsure as to the procedure you take. I have been struggling and life has been very hard for me with all of these attacks. the attacks include pains in the head, chest pains, unwanted sexual feelings, heating of the body, loss of memory, feeling drained and tired, being kept awake at night, altering electronics such as music i'm listening to, nausea, and I need help. I have a MRI scheduled for Monday and dermatologist scheduled in late September for this bump in my arm but I am afraid of ethereal implants which they have mentioned and other types of influence that I am unaware of how to get rid of additional evidence such as video of emf signatures can be provided I just need to ask the paranormal group to send it to me. MUFON CMS# 78420