Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fast flying disappearing UFO Sighting Sioux City IA US 8/13/16

I looked out my patio screen door (it's a cool summer night) and saw solid white and red lights. The UFO was going way too fast to be a plane, after about 5 seconds it flashed red and then disappeared. I saw it while on my couch. It was night time with clear skies, not a single cloud in sight. I immediately got up and went on the patio to verify if it was an actual UFO or a plane by looking up to see if I saw any other lights to compare. I counted 4 very slow moving craft consistently flashing a red and either a white or green light (I am thinking white) and determined those were completely different from what i had seen. The UFO I was seeing when I went onto the patio was very small, equivalent to a star (I determined them to be airplanes), and the UFO I saw disappear would be equivalent to the size of a penny from where I had been seated. MUFON CMS# 78376

Large UFO cigar chapel matte dark gray descended slowly Exeter NH 8/13/16

A large UFO cigar shaped dark is gray craft with no wings or cockpit was witnessed above tree tops slowly descending. Lost sight of it behind the trees. Could not make out windows but seemed to be a straight line of little black squares. UFO was approximately 80-150 feet in length. MUFON CMS# 78389