Friday, August 12, 2016

Black disc shape UFO split's into three then one again flew out of sight Salt Lake City 8/11/16

My family and I ( myself 37 years of age, sister 24, brother 27 and my two boys 10 and 8) were driving up interstate 15 in Utah just south of salt lake city. I was the first to notice a black object in the sky which seemed to be about 3 miles away, about 1500 feet off the ground. I made a joke to my boys to look there was a UFO. My sister said its just a cloud to which I responded " I know I'm just trying to trick the boys". I did think it was weird that there was a single black cloud low in the sky and not all that far away. We watched it for a few minutes still talking about it going back and forth weather it was a cloud because as we got closer so it seemed it seemed more defined edges and solid. I decided to take pictures half thinking I was just taking pictures of a single solid black cloud. The pictures did not turn out well because it was with a cell phone a little past sun set and zoomed to the max. After taking several pictures and looking threw what I took I looked up and there were now 3 black classic UFO shape objects. Then two and then one again. I did not see them separate or come back together if that is in fact how there became three and then one. It then seemed to pick up speed continuing north towards Ogden. Within seconds it was gone. My brother and I both thought the UFO was about 500 yards across and about half that tall. We all at first were not excited about what we were watching but slowly realized it was no cloud and then when there were three horizontally and evenly spaced apart about 600 yards we became real excited and kids a little scared. I don't know what it was but I know it was unusual. There was never a light on the UFOs. Just black. MUFON CMS #78355

Large UFO in sky above radar station hovered dropped light New York 8/12/16

My boyfriend and I were near the abandoned radar station to watch the Perseids meteor shower. He called my intention to a large, brightly lit UFO in the sky hovering past the radar station, changing lights rapidly. We watched the UFO for nearly an hour as it hovered, dropped, rose again, faded away, and returned to hover and move around in the same area. The UFO emitted flashes, or what I would call booms, of light that reflected off of the clouds. It occasionally dropped concentrated light that looked like shooting stars, but they were not shooting stars. We were facing northeast and I captured our coordinates listed at the end of this narrative. On the opposite horizon at almost due west, we saw an identical orb about 15 minutes after we noticed the first. The UFO was lower on the horizon and much closer than the first. It also glowed brightly with flashing lights from red to yellow to white to blue in rapid succession. It hovered for awhile and then it began its path further west, hugging the horizon the entire time. I was primarily watching the first orb, which continued to hover and move around quickly in the sky to the north and my boyfriend primarily watched the one to the west as it moved further away. Both disappeared around 1 AM at the same time. It was pretty exciting and certainly better than watching the Perseids meteor shower. MUFON CMS# 78360

Coordinates when watching object 1: 43•0'34" N 73•41'9" W, facing 21•N (12:15am)
Coordinates when watching object 2: 43•0'33" N 73•41'10" W, facing 290•W (12:40am)