Tuesday, July 26, 2016

UFO Sighting reported Chennai India 07/25/2016

I was actually standing at the bus stop for catching a bus to go home night 8 pm. I heard some sort of humming kinda noise which actually made me look up.I thought it was a helicopter because it was spinning. I was actually 250 meters from the UFO sighting. I thought a helicopter at that height would produce a lot of noise when compared to the UFO I saw. It was black and I could see thin white line at its border spinning it had like 4 red lights and was spontaneously glowing. I lost the sight of the object because it passed through the buildings. I just got to see it for 10 seconds and I was not able to capture it because but I have the sketch how it actually looked. MUFON CMS# 77931

A circular UFO took off from Pensacola Florida reported 7/6/16

While camping on Perdido Key, a primitive campground on July 6 ,a few miles from Pensacola Naval Air Station, around 11:30 p.m., I saw a round UFO with red lights go out into the Bay with search lights on the ground following it. It went to a spot 200-300 feet in the air, it hovered then circled back to the airstrip. This happened 4-5 times. I had my binoculars and was only 2-3 miles from it. When it landed, from what I could see, it seemed a cloud of gas or fog? surrounded the UFO. I got the feeling it was remote controlled because on one of the flights while hovering it bounced up and down while hovering like someone was having some with a joystick. In summing it up It took off hovered at the same spot and returned to the area it took off from which was the airbase over the course of a half of an hour 4-5 times.