Friday, July 8, 2016

Observing fireworks UFO slowly descends Monroe New York 7/2/16

While observing fireworks in clearing, saw off to far left what appeared as stars pulsating and flashing blue and red randomly. One at far left slowly descended to below tree line. About one minute later it reappeared above tree line, slowly ascended in straight line back to original point. UFO at right also slowly descended in straight line but not as far, then ascended back to original UFO sighting. Both UFOs hovered about 20 minutes then repeated same behavior.There were 10 or 12 witnesses I am aware of. All this was taking place during the fireworks display so I had to choose what I wanted to look at, going back and forth between the fireworks and the UFOs. The fireworks lasted from about 2015 to 2100 hrs. The UFOs repeated the same behavior about every 20 minutes throughout the show. The wind was blowing the smoke from the fireworks left toward the UFOs. The smoke was closer in altitude to us and did not seem to obstruct our view of the UFOs After the fireworks Finally the UFOs were gone. MUFON CMS # 77527 Monroe New York

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