Monday, July 18, 2016

Disk Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Wickliffe NJ 7/14/16

I was night swimming with my daughters and we talked about UFOs. I remember seeing a guy pray on Youtube and UFOs appeared and as I have had several sighting out here I figured I would try it. Nothing happened. My kids went in and as i was drying off i noticed a security light at the neighbors that I had not seen before. Then to my surprise it lifted off. I was about 2 yards or so from it. I started yelling trying to get my wife to come out but she refused so i got my camera and started to shoot but my camera froze up. I think I have 1 fuzzy picture, but I watched it take off after a short time it turned east it was very large and appeared to have either a trail craft or a tail.. so crazy. It was lit up and you could clearly see lights all around the middle if the craft. I was amazed. I'm a disabled combat vet served in Iraq and was in the 101st airborne for 4 years. I was a 50 cal gunner in Iraq I was a trained observer . This was not natural. I have had white and orange orbs fly over my head before and I have been under a black triangle UFO. This thing was the oddest. Id really like to know if anyone else witnessed this amazing craft it sat there looking like a security light for 45 min it was watching us. NUFORC Wickliffe New Jersey UFO Sighting Reported 7/14/16

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