Wednesday, July 6, 2016

UFO Flew towards my direction flew over me kept flying NV US July 5 2016

I was walking home, between 12:20 am and 12:45 am. I noticed a red glare of some sort in the sky as I was walking towards my street. The red light disappeared. As I'm getting near my house I noticed something moving towards my direction in the sky. I stopped to watch it and it was coming towards me. As it got closer I could see it was a circular disc shaped UFO completely silent flying. It had a small circular glow, not too bright in the center and I could tell it was bigger than the glow. The UFO flew above my head and then turned fast and smoothly in another direction. It traveled fast towards me but slowed down as it got closer before it turned. As the UFO headed in its new direction I could see the top of it. It looked like the typical flying saucer and I thought about chasing it on foot but that would be been impossible and it disappeared as it kept going. The UFO looked less than 500 ft above me. It was night time so I could barely make notice of its details. But the little bit of light that caught it looked kinda shiny. Thats duration was maybe 3-5 minutes in its entirety from start to happened after midnight after the 4th of July. MUFON CMS# 77500

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