Thursday, July 28, 2016

UFO reported flying in zig zag pattern over Mesa Arizona 7/25/16

At 133 am I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I usually go onto the porch but for whatever reason I was compelled to go out front so that I could see the stars. Immediately I noticed a peculiar light traveling E by NE. What was odd is that the UFO had lights emitted from it in a pulsating randomized way. From what I could discern the UFO had multiple lights blinking both white and reddish amber in color, but never at the same time. What was also odd is that every time the lights blinked, the UFO appeared to be zig zagging while crossing th Sky. It was like the UFO disappeared and reappeared just inches from where it was just at, creating this zig zag pattern as it flew across the sky. The blinking of the lights was randomized and not in any discernible pattern, as far as I could tell. For whatever reason I put my hand up into the air, as if trying the use my finger for a size reference. Once I put my hand up, the behavior of the craft immediately changed. The blinking lights began to dissipate and the UFO appeared to fading into oblivion. The very moment it faded away, a UFO appeared directly over my head and a brilliant yellow light flashed instantly and was roughly the size of a quarter (if I were to hold a quarter outstretched in my arm). After the light flashed, the sighting was over however the experience was not. As I was witnessing the mysterious UFO object my heart was pounding. I was overcome by excitement from having just witnessed what I truly believe to be a UFO. Once the light flashed overhead, I was instantly overcome by a feeling of peace. Just as I had the conscious thought of the newfound feeling I was experiencing, the wind began to pick up. I looked at the trees over the wall separating the street from my apartment, and they were calm. It were as if a sudden gust of wind was only in my near immediate vicinity. I also noticed it was completely quiet, almost eerily quiet. I live next to the main road and cars travel on it even at all times of night, although there is less traffic in the early hours of the morning. However after the light flashed it was almost as if I were standing in a vacuum. As I stood there in complete awe of the spectacle I had just witnessed I began to feel an intense burning feeling in my big toe on my left foot. I looked down and saw no reason as to why my toe was hurting. It burned more intensely and stopped as suddenly as it began. Now I included what happened after witnessing the mysterious UFO craft as I believe it to be pertinent to the sighting. This total experience left me startled to say the least. I was left with the impression that I was meant to see this, for what reason I may never know. I have seen many questionable UFOs over the past few months however this UFO sighting stands out, not just because lights and UFO I had seen, but hat also happened afterward that I find to be highly unusual. MUFON CMS# 78012

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