Saturday, July 16, 2016

Multiple gold UFO spheres in the sky over Rocky Point NY 7/14/16

I was a passenger in a convertible. We were waiting at a light to turn left. I noticed two gold spheres UFOs in the air. One was getting closer to the other. I made note of how high the one UFO sphere was vs. the one approaching using marking on a telephone pole because I'm a giant aviation nerd and thought I might be witnessing what was about to be a mid air collision.

The way the one UFO (I assumed helicopter) was approaching the second didn't make sense based on how helicopters fly so I thought maybe I was seeing the top of a cell tower and that as we turned left the change in my prospective was what was causing the two gold UFO spheres to almost intersect. But that didn't make much sense either- and then I noticed another 3 to 4 of the gold UFO spheres scattered from about one hand span to 2 hand spans to the right of the initial 2 gold UFO spheres I noticed. I was still working under the assumption they were helicopters but the lighting wasn't correct. I assumed that maybe the fog was causing the flashing position lights to be seen as one glowing light. But the light was more like a gold street light color then a bright white LED position or landing lights. the way the gold lights were moving also didn't look like any kind of formation or path that a helicopter would or even could take. It's a busy air corridor usually with helicopters ferrying people back and forth the the Hamptons. I was either too busy looking at the gold lighted UFOs to notice other air traffic or there wasn't much at that time. I noticed that the gold sphere UFOs would change in number but that one seemed to remain constant. There was scattered cloud coverage but in at least one instance of the lighted UFO disappearing from view, I could see stars behind it. So that leads me to believe that it turned it's lights off and didn't just go behind a cloud. The trailing (from my perspective at least) other 3 to 5 UFOs were more intermittent. Possibly due to clouds, possibly for other reasons. the objects never seemed to move more than two finger spans and seemed loosely grouped. The entirety of them spanned about 3 hand spans of the sky and 1 hand span up and down. My reactions was one of confusion because I couldn't make sense out of the formation or characteristics of the UFOs. Lost sight because we were driving and they went behind trees. By the time we pulled over to see better they had disappeared completely but there was also 0 cloud coverage then and all stars were visible. A helicopter went over head then and it was very obviously a helicopter. MUFON CMS# 77704 

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