Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Women taken from her bed to a UFO and examined Fayetteville NC 1/6/16

I could not sleep. It was 1:41am. I turned over to try to sleep. The next thing my body went dead, no movement, nothing, there was no life in my body. My feet floated up and my whole body followed. I was floating upward. I could move my eyes. There was black all around me except for lights floating pass me. I could look from left to right. I looked straight up, there was a triangle shaped UFO ahead of me. There were lights all under the UFO. I then blacked out. The next thing I know I woke up in a dark room. They placed me on a table. All of a sudden my whole body started vibrating, from head to toe. I would make a groaning sound ever so often. I could not see them but I know they were there. When I was placed back in my bed, I was waking up like coming out of a knock out drug. The next day I was very tired. The whole week I was tired. When I woke up the next morning the thought of what had happened that night did not come to mind. I got in the shower and started praying the incident came back to me. It was so strong that it stopped my prayers. I was speechless. When they take you, you have no control. Sometimes you can see what is going on and sometimes you can't. Ever since I can remember I have been abducted many times before. They are just blocked out. Only these last 3 years I can remember something's of the UFO Alien abductions.
I cannot remember the day or time but this UFO Alien abduction was the one that changed me forever. This happened in 2014. I was watching television, the next second the power went off all over the house. My TV has to reboot so I didn't want to wait so I just turned it off. The next thing I know I was floating out from my room. Where they were taking me it was well lit. I was lying on a table they were standing on either side of me. There seem to be one on the right side of my head as I was floating out from where they had taken me. I woke up in my bed I still couldn't move my body but I could move my head. I looked towards my bedroom door and saw the shadow of an Alien. The head was large the arms were long and thin the hands were thin with long thin fingers. I yelled out because I thought it was my son. I kept calling his name and no one answered. When I first yelled out the Alien stood still, he did not move. I started to get frustrated because I thought it was my son and I wasn't getting an answer. The next minute there was a flash of light coming from where the being was standing and he was gone. I got up and went to my son's room and he was fast asleep. It wasn't him who cast that shadow. The next morning I was on the road in front of my job. There was a sheriffs car parked between two buses. I drove on into the parking lot and was backing up to park. There was only one car parked on the left of me. I started sending my daughter a message. I looked up there were two joggers running right next to my car. They ran so close they could have hit my car. They ran together as if they were sewed together. I could not see their faces. I never saw them coming or going. It hasn't happened since. It was kind of strange for that to happen. After my UFO Alien abduction. I have an allergic reaction to something they used on me. I have had anal bleeding severe pain in my female organs. The pain is so severe I can't walk and it travels from there to my rear. I have seen apparitions. I have seen dark figures in my room. I have had ear ringing when certain aircraft flies over. I see flashes of light at night when I'm out now during the day as well. I have learned to ignore them. I can be driving and don't know how I got fro point a to b. My daughter would hear strange noises coming from my room like operating room sounds. My TV would turn itself off sometimes.(Sunday 1-10-16, 8:00 pm) MUFON CMS# 77942

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