Monday, July 4, 2016

Saturn shaped bouncing UFO with bright lights and tentacles reported Acton CA 7/3/16

My husband and I were taking the dogs out last night July 3'rd 2016 at about 9:30 p.m. when we saw just South of us by the Angeles Crest Forest in Acton California, a very bright white light growing in intensity and then dimming. My husband saw it first and called me out excitedly to see it. We scrambled around for our video recorders but batteries were dead!, our phones did not pick up anything. We did manage to take some long exposure pictures with our manual camera which do not show the shape but captures the movement patterns as well as the intensity of the light. Here, in Acton we are away from most of the city lights so it appeared very obvious to us. No shape was apparent until my husband viewed it through his infrared night vision scope...then we saw it was a Saturn-shaped UFO that appeared translucent with tentacle-like 'legs' similar to a jellyfish which moved directionally as the craft did..but this was hard to see. It's surface appeared dull lead gray but also cloud-like at times. There were 3 round lights on the UFO that he saw in his binoculars when it was closer. It started out about 500 ft. or so? from us, lower than any plane would fly but then moved higher and farther away reaching up to an airplane's height. It had no direction or path, it never traveled linear, instead it was bouncing around in a smaller area of the sky ..up, down, sideways, circular, hovering..all while this intense white light grew larger and brighter, then slowly died down to a single dot, just like a star over and over again. 2 shooting stars appeared around it during this 20 or so minutes we observed it. MUFON CMS# 77423 UFO Saturn shaped Photo Trindade Island Brazil 1958

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