Monday, July 18, 2016

Disk Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Wickliffe NJ 7/14/16

I was night swimming with my daughters and we talked about UFOs. I remember seeing a guy pray on Youtube and UFOs appeared and as I have had several sighting out here I figured I would try it. Nothing happened. My kids went in and as i was drying off i noticed a security light at the neighbors that I had not seen before. Then to my surprise it lifted off. I was about 2 yards or so from it. I started yelling trying to get my wife to come out but she refused so i got my camera and started to shoot but my camera froze up. I think I have 1 fuzzy picture, but I watched it take off after a short time it turned east it was very large and appeared to have either a trail craft or a tail.. so crazy. It was lit up and you could clearly see lights all around the middle if the craft. I was amazed. I'm a disabled combat vet served in Iraq and was in the 101st airborne for 4 years. I was a 50 cal gunner in Iraq I was a trained observer . This was not natural. I have had white and orange orbs fly over my head before and I have been under a black triangle UFO. This thing was the oddest. Id really like to know if anyone else witnessed this amazing craft it sat there looking like a security light for 45 min it was watching us. NUFORC Wickliffe New Jersey UFO Sighting Reported 7/14/16

Cigar shaped UFO Sighting NE sky Burlington Township NJ 7/14/16

Slow moving cigar shaped UFO Sighting over our development. Saw this UFO in the sky from my backyard, which is SW...the UFO was in the NE sky over the front of the house. By the time I ran through to the front of the house it was miles away and and much smaller in the sky. No way it could have gotten that far at the slow speed which was traveling. When it was closer, I thought "the plane" looked funny at that it had no wings. Then I noticed it was making a westerly turn and expected the wings to be revealed...but there were none. That's when I went to the front of the house to get a better view in case I lost sight of it behind our trees. (My house is only 30 feet long and I ran!!) At first I thought this UFO disappeared, but my husband and I saw it really small and very far the NE sky...still moving very slowly. Then it was gone. There were no lights and no vapor trails. Also, no sound too this UFO! NUFORC Cigar shaped flying object in NE sky over Burlington Township, NJ