Friday, July 15, 2016

Large orange/red colored UFO spheres stationary over Romford GB 2-19-16

On 19th February 2016 I left home for work as usual at 0518 hours. It was a cold morning with a clear morning sky (I could see the stars). I started to walk South along the road whereby 30 seconds later I noticed three(3) large orange/red colored UFO spheres in the South sky around 45 degrees up. I noticed the UFO spheres because they were so bright and low in the sky. At first I thought it must be some kind of planetary line up because the three spheres were in a horizontal line and that's what it looked like, but I realized this was ridiculous because I am into Amateur Astronomy and I was not aware of any such thing taking place. I also ruled out the Constellation Orion because the Constellation was below the Horizon that morning. I even opened a application called Stellarium on my mobile phone to confirm this. Initially the UFO spheres appeared to be stationary for around 8 minutes from my vantage point and I began to take photos using my mobile phone at 0524 hours. When I reached the end of the road I was now looking at the UFO spheres head on where I think I began to notice some kind of movement from one of the UFO spheres. I carried on taking photos whilst walking where I then confirmed that all three spheres were moving in my direction heading North. I crossed the road and started to film the spheres on my mobile phone moving across the sky. I saw a member of the public and pointed the spheres out to him as I wanted another witness to observe them. we both observed the UFO spheres move overhead (at this stage the spheres appeared white in color and not as large) and at that time one of the spheres began to blink, then followed by the second UFO sphere which also began to blink. All three spheres moved over rooftops in the main road where we both lost sight of them heading North. These spheres (lights) were seen by a number of people on their way to work that morning. My brother being one of them who at the time was driving South along the M11 motorway from Halstead. I reported the incident to my local paper with the hope that other persons would come forward with what they saw? MUFON CMS# 

Rectangle UFO Sighting Photo over Niagara Falls 7-12-16

I just wanted to write you tonight and let you know of a UFO sighting that happened in Niagara Falls on Tuesday June 12th 2016. I am a Bellman at one of the major hotels right near the falls. During one of my many routine luggage calls yesterday (the day of the event), I happened to look out the window of the 43rd floor while waiting for the elevator. From this vantage point one can see most of the Niagara Region and even Toronto on the distant shores of Lake Ontario. This was the direction that I was looking when I noticed two large Rectangles that would almost pass for solar panels hovering in the sky. As I watched them, the alternately bobbed up and down, crossed paths and then slowly drifted apart. I watched them, trying to figure out what they were for a few more minutes before they once again began to drift back together. At this point they appeared to be over Niagara on the Lake, a town about 20 miles kilometers away, and still were very visible in the sky which means they must have been quite big. I left to go back down to work and informed another bellman to look out the window during his next call. He did so and came back astonished and unable to explain what he saw.
Later in the day, a co-worker called us from a different part of the city letting us know he just saw the same UFO and snapped a few pictures of it. I have attached one of the photos below. A few hours later another co-worker walked into the building exclaiming he saw a UFO while driving to work. When we asked him what he saw he recounted an almost identical report of the objects we had viewed earlier in the day. This morning I noticed that a report has been created with MUFON by a person living in St. Catharine's (another near by city) and once again, the report details the exact object that we all witnessed. Whether it was Aliens or a secret government UFO craft I can't be sure. All I know is that I look to the skies every day, seeing helicopters and planes flying over the falls... But I have never, ever seen anything like this before. MUFON CMS# 77694