Thursday, July 7, 2016

Silver Mirror-like disc UFO seen slowly hovering Leonard MI U.S

I was fairly young when I witnessed this; probably about 7 years old. I remember the event very distinctly and what I did during/after the UFO sighting. I believe I must have been on a break from school or it was a weekend, because this event occurred during the late morning. I should also mention that the weather was bright and sunny (I can't remember if there were any clouds or not).

The UFO sighting occurred just outside my home. I was walking around my house, and had been walking from the kitchen area into the living room. There is a large window in the living room that looks out over a clearing where a small pond sits. I liked looking out at that part of the property, so I turned my head to look out at the pond. Just to be clear, the clearing is about 125 ft across and is surrounded by trees on all sides, save for the side my house is on. The tree line is probably about 55 or 60 ft tall ( with some variation). When I looked out, I thought I had noticed something moving among the trees in the northern part of the clearing. I stopped and stared out towards it.

I thought that it was a shiny, metallic balloon when I first saw it. It made no sound whatsoever- if I hadn't been walking by at that moment, I probably wouldn't have seen it. At first, it was hidden behind some trees, but it slowly started to come into better view out of the trees. I was viewing it at a distance of about 100 ft. It was fairly large, approximately 12 or 13 feet across, and about 4 feet tall. It hovered around 30 or 40 feet above the ground, and was slowly making its way south at a rate of about 2 or 3 mph. It was moving very slowly. The UFO itself looked like a flying saucer. I couldn't see the bottom of it, as it was almost parallel to my line of sight. The saucer had three 'steps' to it. The surface was totally featureless and looked like it was made out of a really shiny, reflective metal. I couldn't even tell if it was spinning or not- there were no features or markings on the UFO. The whole thing looked like it was cast from a single piece of metal, no seams or bolts.

After watching it for a few seconds, I got really excited. I had never seen a UFO before and wasn't really scared or anything, so I ran back into the kitchen to try to find a camera that is usually in a small storage cabinet. I couldn't find it... I started yelling for my mom to look out over the pond- and she could hear me. Unfortunately, she was attending my brother, who needed vitamins, and told me she would be finished with him in a minute. Not knowing what to do, I ran back to the living room and continued to watch it as it slowly made it's way south. I was not observing it for about 20 seconds. I've asked my mother about the event and she recalls me yelling to get her attention, but she did not actually look out over the pond to witness anything. I lost sight of the UFO when it started to reenter the tree line at the southern end of the clearing. I must've watched for another minute or two until I couldn't see it anymore. I didn't go outside to investigate further- the thought never crossed my mind. I have always been really curious about what had happened back then, and so I've finally come to the decision to make a report on this. While I did not check to see any effects on the vegetation as a kid, I should mention that the forest is quite thick near my house: any straight path that an UFO of that size would try to follow would be bound to intercept trees somewhere. I don't remember any trees moving or being touched/affected by the object as it made its path. On the making of this report, I decided to look at the trees around where I thought the craft may have touched the trees... I couldn't find anything abnormal. MUFON CMS# 77525 Date of UFO Sighting August 2003

30 to 40 UFO orbs sighted over Ducan BC Canada July 4th 2016

Driving south bound HWY 1. 2, Very clear skies beautiful evening many points of light in large group difficult not to see 15 degrees off horizon on my left 10 o'clock. 3. No thinking knew what I was looking at! Ducan BC Canada Date of UFO Sighting July 4th 2016.
There were many orb shaped UFOs of various sizes in a random grouping appearing stationary.Took me 10 to 20 seconds to realize what I was seeing. I was driving in a 50 km zone no traffic near me I slowed to about 10 to 15 km per hr watching the light orbs,about 30 seconds into UFO sighting 70% to 80% of the UFOs started moving to west ascending at a 5 to 10 degree angle from 1st observation,They moved what I would think to be about 1.5 miles then stop and hovered,other objects did not move from 1st sighting point.I pulled across highway and parked in McDonalds parking lot,looking east the stationary group had one UFO with a regular pulsing that did not stop during entire observation there were 6 to 8 other UFOs near to the blinking UFO that moved very little from the blinking object.The group of objects that moved are in a west north west direction from the blinking UFO. The North West North group started moving and disappearing,some from the north west north group traveled fast enough to leave a light tail behind them and made 120 to 140 degree changes of direction and then disappeared. One UFO from NWN group did not move and stayed stationary for about 10 minutes. At about 10 minutes into Sighting the east group and the UFO NWN moved towards a single point to the north fast enough to leave a light tail behind,the movement was very short and seemed to me to be an aggressive or threatening move! After that there was not much movement but some objects very faint moved into view from time to time and some UFOs moved small distances slowly. Close to the blinking UFO 100's of feet and slightly high,there was a dark object that had a different shape,kind of like a cling on battle cruiser! Seems crazy,but it was there and looked that way! I ran out of time as I had someplace I needed to be and left. I took Video unfortunately after the NWN group had left! I realize now I should have took some stills! The UFO in the NWN group that did not leave blinked from time to time.The UFOs in the North West North group departed in what seemed random directions,they did not fly out of sight,they disappeared,I think mostly at the same time! MUFON CMS# 77520