Monday, October 31, 2016

UFO Alien ET Disclosure the Elite’s vs. the People’s 2016

There are two types of disclosure of the reality and importance of flying saucers "UFOs", one engineered by the ruling classes and the other created by the peace loving people of our planet.

I strongly suspect that all terrestrial elites are fundamentally opposed to an ET presence.
If humanity realized that advanced intelligences were assisting our planet to evolve into a civilization of world peace based on social justice, most conventional politicians would be out of job. This is because they maintain their power through fear and divisiveness.

The military have been shown to be impotent by the "UFO" saucers that fly circles around their high performance aircraft that attempt to shoot them down. A world at peace in open contact with friendly ETs "Aliens" would not need much of a military.

Many religious fundamentalists ascribe to the bizarre notion that ET "Alien" is demonic and must be opposed. Thus disclosure-promoting conflict would fuel the fire of religious intolerance.

And let's not leave out the most important group, the oligarchies that control most politicians. Their wealth based on burning fossil fuels and endless military expenditures would disappear on a peaceful planet that might be granted the energy secrets of the so-called "ETs" "Aliens" propulsion systems.

A Marxist view of religion that was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries labeled religion as the “opiate of the working class.” But Frederick Engels, Karl Marx’s benefactor, added religion was also the “wish dream” of oppressed people.

By analogy it is possible that those hoping for “official disclosure” are expressing the wish dream of millions of Earth’s citizens that are rightly fed up with the de facto policy of ridicule and denial engineered by governments, academia and the corporate dominated mass media.

I encourage UFO truth activists to consider how “official disclosure” will likely be used under current world conditions as a way to spur a massive arms race here on Earth and in outer space. If millions of people are poisoned by racism and xenophobia now, and their passions are manipulated by cynical leaders, what might happen if the reality of flying saucers "UFOs" were not slowly introduced over decades if not generations. Those that want a people’s disclosure are already part of what I like to call “The Contact Underground” that for decades have been communicating with This Otherness That We Now Call ET.

I suspect that someday UFO truth seekers and contact activist will be leaders in massive social movement for peace here on Earth and in the Cosmos. That is the kind of disclosure that I seek. I encourage others to work for what I imagine is a great and noble cause to create a people’s disclosure movement of the reality of flying saucers "UFOs". UFO Alien ET Disclosure, the Elite’s vs. the People’s.
J.Burkes MD