Sunday, October 2, 2016

Star-like UFO Sighting flashing white light moving slowly deliberately toward me Bristol GB 9/27/16

It was approximately 10:30 in the evening 9/27/16 I was staying in Brean Somerset UK on a week's break. As usual when staying there I took my two dogs for a last walk of the day, ready to bed them down for the evening. I took them as usual down onto the beach - (Brean Sands). I always take a torch to see where I'm walking with, as the beach here is behind sand dunes and so away from the main street and the street lighting. The weather that evening was fairly mild, a clear cloudless night with a slight south westerly breeze. Everything was very normal and uneventful, I walked for about 5 or 600 yards along the beach until we reached the first row of dunes at which we turned around to return. After walking back for 100 yards or so I sighted a white blinking UFO light far off out over the sea I paid it no real attention assuming it to be an plane on its way to Bristol airport. Which is a few miles away and Brean is on its direct flight path. Over the next 5 minutes or so the UFO Light continued to travel across the sky at a right angle to my position just as I'd expect an aircraft heading toward Bristol airport to do. Then the UFO finally caught my attention as odd because it seemed to be descending as it came in over the coastal headland to the north of me. I thought to myself that can't be an aircraft, it must be a helicopter, it's too low. All the time this UFO Light continued to blink much as you'd expect an aircraft to do. Except it was only the one single white/slightly yellowish tinged light. The UFO Light descended downwards over the following few minutes at an angle of about 20° until it was down below the height of the headland  I'm estimating its height at this point to be about 200 feet and it's distance from me to be a mile or so away. The UFO Light then appeared to become stationary in the air although there was no sound I still thought I was seeing a helicopter until I realized it wasn't stationary at all and in fact had turned at a right angle and was actually traveling directly towards me. I moved about 10 yards up the beach away from the sea to get a clearer angle to see if the UFO light was indeed traveling towards my position. I could now clearly see the UFO light was moving parallel to the coast along the sea edge of the beach. It continued silently and slowly to descend as it traveled along. As it was drawing nearer the UFO light appeared more and more brighter and the blinking seemed to be more of a pulsing than a blink. The UFO light then drew level with my position. It was by now less than 40 yards from me and approximately 30 feet above me. The UFO Light was really quite bright (not blindingly) but enough to be dazzling and the pulsing quality was less defined because of the glare. Although it was definitely still pulsing. The UFO light was now totally stationary by now I was feeling increasingly disturbed by what was happening and began backing up the beach away from it. I was distinctly uneasy and kept watching it as I moved away. Although it may well of just been fear induced I had the horrible feeling of being watched. The UFO light then started to move away back out over the sea and gradually began to ascend as it moved away. It continued to retreat and ascend moving back towards the north west of me towards the general area I first sighted it come from. I found, in my unsettled state I'd missed the track back to the main road and had to double back on myself for about 50 yards, until I found it again. All the time I kept watching the blinking UFO light retreating upwards and seawards as it went, for another 5 or so minutes  until it gradually disappeared in the haze of the horizon. I had the distinct impression that whatever it was  it came in from the sea and deliberately was drawn towards me by the fact that I was alone and drawing attention to myself with the torch I was carrying. I'm a grown man, but I'd be the first to admit this UFO experience has quite spooked me. mufon cms# 79528

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