Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dark gray metallic elongated seven sided polygon shaped UFO Sighting Rheinfelden CH 8/20/96

It was mid August 1996 in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. I was at home watching TV in my living room. My mother was visiting and we both saw mysterious lights approaching from the west at a low altitude which we thought might be low flying aircraft. Planes do fly over the area, but never that low. We went outside to get a better look. The UFO was traveling silently at a slow, constant velocity as if surveying the area. Because of the complete absence of any sound, we both thought it could be air balloons. As the UFO ship came in closer we were both surprised and shocked to realize that it was a huge, dark gray/ black metallic UFO craft of some sort. It had a strange shape like an elongated seven sided polygon. There were white or light green lights at each angled point and a couple in between. Beneath the UFO in the center was a light that seemed to be moving, rotating or spinning haphazardly, possibly a smaller craft beneath the main one. The main UFO itself did not hover or spin, but kept on moving in an easterly direction at an altitude of about 200 to 400 feet. My mother said she also observed lights in the fuselage area, but the shape of the UFO above its base could not be determined. We lost sight of this UFO when it was eventually obscured by cloud cover. I have never read or heard anything in the media or Internet about this strange "UFO Sighting" and I have never reported it until now. A number of other people in neighborhood also seemed to be observing the UFO from their balconies. We were not able to identify the huge craft, what it was remains a mystery.

Perhaps there is a connection, perhaps not, but two days earlier my partner at the time witnessed a ball lightning incident in the same living room from where I first saw the lights of the UFO approaching. A very bright white orb shaped light appeared in the top right hand corner of the room for about 10 seconds before suddenly vanishing. There were thunderstorms in the area at the time, but not in Rheinfelden. mufon cms# 79524

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