Friday, October 14, 2016

Solid Black UFO with no lights being chased by jet airplane Huntington PA 10/12/16

Location & Date of UFO Sighting reported: North Huntington PA 10/12/16: I was standing outside of my house smoking a cigarette when I heard the roar of a low flying loud jet out of nowhere. I looked up and at first could not see anything that could be making that noise. All of the sudden, from over the tree tops, I spotted a very loud low flying small jet airplane. Something caught my eye out in front of the airplane, and when I looked up I saw a solid Black Triangular shaped UFO that was solid black with zero lights on it. It was moving in a straight path at a high rate of speed with the airplane fairly close behind chasing the UFO. The moon was pretty bright that night and the UFO flew directly through the moon light which gave me a great look at it. It did not have wings, and there were no lights on the UFO at all it was a solid black shape. It continued past my house and off into the distance with the airplane following close behind. I watched until they both flew out of my sight, and then just stood there trying to contemplate what I just saw. It definitely was not normal. You could just tell that it wasn't anything that you would see normally flying through the sky. I felt a little uneasy, but also exited about what I just witnessed. It would really be great to know that someone else witnessed this, just for validation, although I know what I saw, at it was not normal at all. mufon cms# 79792

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