Saturday, October 8, 2016

Outside window, burnt orange UFO Sighting 3ft to 20ft traveling in one direction CA 10/8/16

I was laying on my bed next to a window just looking straight up not looking for anything and a UFO orb or round shape traveled across my field of vision at approximately 30 miles an hour or faster, traveling from south to north. It was burnt orange and emitting a burnt orange light or energy. The sun was south and in no way was shining through it. It was not transparent. It was not a balloon. It traveled at a constant speed in one direction.

I have read many UFO reports but didn't really believe them until I saw it with my own eyes. I had to see it to believe it. This has changed the way I understand this reality. I didn't even think of getting a picture until after the event. mufon cms# 79686 


  1. Something is very strange cause my husband and I were driving the same direction but it was on October 5, 2016 it started blinking just one and I said it was a plane to my husband ora really cool tower, then 2 formed, then a third, then all of a sudden it stood still blinking red and white light just like a plane. But come on!! Planes do not get put together in the same air space this was 3 separate lights coming together in the shape of a triangle then stayed put like they wanted people to see. As I watched very closely as I am a believer it just was gone as if they turned off the lights! Blink and gone and I DID NOT blink, it disappeared right in front of our eyes. As my husband is a sceptic he actually for the first time finally believed and agreed with me and finding this website confirmed we are not the only one who seen this. It's truly strange and then tonight 10/14/16 have seen fighter jets over Keswick, Ontario letting engine fuel out but they don't make a sound it's silent, geeeeee wonder why?? They're patrolling the sky's nearby cause they know something that we don't. Call me nuts but come on we're not that stupid!

  2. I'm calling Mufon so sick of the cover up we're intelligent enough to know we're not seeing shit!