Sunday, October 30, 2016

UFO Sighting metallic sphere moving in rectangular fashion with white trail Ontario Canada 6/7/16

Walking towards lake on my property, at noon on first hot day of June 2016 near Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. No clouds, bright sun. I saw a seagull fly by, a somewhat rare occurrence, then something high in the air caught my eye and I thought it was another seagull gliding on the updrafts. As I continued to watch what I thought was a seagull, I couldn't make out any wings and it now seemed too high for a bird. It's height was roughly the same as the height of a cruising private plane like a Piper Cub. At first the UFO was still or almost still but when it started to move I could see that the UFO appeared to be a metal sphere, glinting in the sun, it moved, not hurriedly, in a fairly tight rectangular path that it retraced several times leaving a white trail (or my eyes saw it that way) the same thickness as the Sphere's diameter behind it which seemed to dissipate quickly. On the last rectangular retracing of its path, the sphere, instead of making its usual 90 degree turn, kept moving, always at the same speed, not fast, kinda like just trundling along and eventually disappeared from my sight behind trees. This UFO Sighting did not last long, probably 1 to 3 minutes, it took me a few minutes to distill what I saw, but I concluded that what I saw was not of this earth and could not have been a bird or human machine. It didn't distress me. mufon cms# 80098

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