Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bar shaped translucent but not transparent silent UFO Sighting Tooele Utah 8/10/16

My wife and I were in my parents backyard watching the stars and talking. We witnessed what I would call a Bar shaped UFO traveling above us. I can't tell how high how large or how fast this UFO was moving as we had no frame of reference and it was nearly directly over us when we first saw it. We both saw it at the same time. It was a cloudless night and was approximately around the date of the Perseid meteor shower. The UFO traveled in a straight line, from approximately north north west to south south east. The UFO made no noise, did not speed up or slow down nor did it seem to emit any light other than to simply glow slightly. The UFO was mainly translucent as we could see the star field behind it, but not clearly, almost as if light was bending around it. It struck me as odd because this UFO was flying with the least possible aerodynamic shape, instead of the front being the smallest point, it flew edge on. There were no exhaust contrails or any emissions of any kind. I am an amateur astronomer and aviation enthusiast and i can say this did not match any aircraft known to me. At the same time we saw this, we both got a very strange feeling i can only describe as "eerie/creepy"? It was only visible for about 1 - 2 minutes before we lost sight of it. mufon cms# 80050

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