Friday, October 7, 2016

Shiny UFO observed hovering an estimated 3 miles Bangor ME U.S. 10/5/16

While driving I observed a shiny UFO in the distance at approximately 12.30 pm local time. I first though it to be a helicopter with a landing light on as it was very small but bright and displayed little position movement. The UFO moved very little from my vantage points (I stopped twice to observe and take photos with my cell phone). The UFO appeared round with some thing hanging from it not a balloon gondola and not suspended by thin ropes but a thicker UFO hanging downward. I had the feeling this was not anything I had seem before and stopped twice to observe I noticed it seemed like no one else was stopping to look at it, and my cell did not want to focus even though it was in full daylight and focus should have been quick and accurate so I continued to shoot many photos bracing the phone on the rolled down window. The UFO was 3 to 5 miles distant in my opinion and of the size of a hot air balloon (maybe it was a balloon?) I was working and could only watch it for less than 10 min. when I left it was still hanging in the air. mufon cms# 79643

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