Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recent UFO Sighting Video Over Milwaukee WI 9/16/16

Our friend David saw the UFO first and brought it to our attention. All four of us were sitting on our front porch when it appeared. The UFO hovered for a minute or two then it moved around a bit stopping and hovering at random. We saw red, white, and blue lights while the UFO was both moving and hovering. The lights flashed sequentially in the order of red, blue, and white. It continued to move and hover for a few minutes the lights continued to flash the entire time. The UFO hovered for a bit before it flew off and we could no longer see it. A few minutes later our roommate Katelyn saw an UFO creating a white strip in the sky. As it passed over the moon the UFO appeared black. The UFO appeared to be moving east/northeast from high atmosphere to lower altitude out of sight heading toward the beach/lake in the same place other UFOs have disappeared to.