Sunday, October 16, 2016

UFO Hovers and Departs over Burlington International Airport 9/24/16

At Approximately 6:15 PM on Saturday, September 24, 2016, my wife, son and myself were in close proximity to the Burlington International Airport inspecting some commercial buildings in a wide open field. I am a licensed commercial small UAV (drone) pilot. And I was scouting the location in preparation for an upcoming drone shoot.

We were about a quarter mile west of the airport and I witnessed an airliner making an approach and landing on runway 33—this will be important in a minute.

My son is 5 and absolutely loves airplanes. We routinely drive by the airport and hope to see aircraft take off and land as it’s a thrill for him.

As we proceeded to drive over towards the airport my wife and I spotted a slow-moving unidentifiable aircraft "UFO" coming in towards the airport from the north. I estimated the UFO to be at around 2,000 feet in altitude and moving incredibly slow. This was alarming to me because I made a mental note just a couple of minutes earlier that airliners were utilizing runway 33, which meant that general aviation (small planes) would have been utilizing runway 1.

This would have put the unidentifiable aircraft directly into the path of a departing airliner. As the unidentifiable aircraft "UFO" was in Class “C” airspace, it would not have been permitted to fly over the airport at an altitude of 2,000 feet, let alone on a heading that put it into the path of departing airliners.

By this time, we are at the airport driving through the terminal and my son is enjoying the airliners. My wife and I are trying to keep track of the unidentifiable craft "UFO" as it is literally right above the airport STILL at an elevation of around 2,000 feet and moving ever so slowly towards the southeast.

We lost the UFO in the clouds and thought that was the end of it. We proceeded to the cell phone waiting area on the north side of the airport where people wait for phone calls to pick up their party. My wife found the UFO in the sky and it had changed directions completely. It was NOW heading back the way it came from towards the North West.

I got out of my truck grabbing my cell phone in the process and tried capturing as much of it as I could. I wish I had better footage to show you, but it’s regrettably not great. It was already moving too far away. BUT, the UFO had no anti-collision lights. NO strobe lights. No noticeable engine sounds. Far, Far too large to be a drone. It had a fat oval mid-section, not a long cylindrical aircraft shape. nuforc UFO Sightings report

Saw Triangle shaped UFO craft with some kind of cloaking Eugene Oregon 9/25/16

I am a veteran of the military and an amateur astronomer so I am pretty good at aircraft identifications and where lights should be in the sky. Last night, 09/25/2016, at approximately 20:15 I saw what looked to be a triangle shaped UFO craft over the city of Eugene, Oregon.

I had just stepped out on my balcony for a smoke and sat down in my chair facing East overlooking most of NE Eugene and N Springfield. Looking in the sky above and well beyond the neighbor's house at the sight line of the power lines I saw 3 orange lights equidistant apart and in a triangle. It occurred to me that there shouldn't be bright stars in the sky in that area that time of night and time of year so I looked closer.

As I looked closer at the UFO, I saw the bottom most of the lights moving and then I thought to myself: that makes sense it is commercial aviation. So I looked back at the other 2 lights and saw they were moving together too and that it was one triangle shaped craft rotating on its center axis. All the while I noticed the bright orange lights were shining through what looked like heat shimmer coming off the desert floor.

Very much like a scene from the movie, "Predator," the "cloaking" around it wavered for just a brief second and when it did I saw a large triangle shaped craft with smooth sides and a smooth metallic bottom with a smaller circular abutment in the center with a light bluish glow. The UFO stopped rotating and it looked like a harrier jet pulling up its nose on a vertical takeoff and then it disappeared. It did leave but as it was leaving the "cloaking" kicked back in and it disappeared from sight.

Like something out of the X files 2 helicopters showed up within 30 seconds of the UFO disappearing. Eugene is a small city and helicopters are fairly rare here with just a couple of overflights a day but these stayed on station for the better part of an hour circling over the Eugene/Springfield area. nuforc UFO Sightings report

A massive skipping UFO disk that dematerialized Trout Lake WA U.S. 7/28/12

2012 I summited Mt. Adams with 2 friends. After arriving at camp at 8645 feet we decided to set up two go pros to film the sunset, one go pro 2 the other a gopro3. We placed the 2 on time-lapse and the 3 on video 25 feet apart from each other. The time-lapse was accidentally set on 1 minute intervals, the other 30fps 1080p HD video. While we were eating dinner we observed a UFO that looked unfamiliar and even in the video two of us are discussing what it could be although neither one of us had remembered the conversation. In the video we start to eat and stop watching the UFO toward the end which is the section of the video the UFO dematerializes. We continued to summit the next day and return to Portland. For 3 years the video sat on a hard drive. I was cleaning up my hard drive when I first discovered the object in the video clip. I was very confused as to the conversation we had in the video as someone asks me if the UFO is a airplane and I reply, "If not its a UFO". I had no recollection of ever saying that. Examining the video, and running it through basic filters on iMovie, it became quite obvious to me that what I had recorded was a disk in a slow spin which appears to be skipping but I believe the skipping illusion was caused by whatever powered this craft because the UFO skips along in the video, and its is a solid disk in the 3 photos captured by the gopro2. I believe the illusion of skipping is caused by a distortion by whatever powers the object. All 3 photos taken show a solid disk with a light upper and a dark lower. I have 3 photos and one 5 minute video with a 2 minute 50 second sighting. On December 31st 2014 at New Years, roughly a few days after I had discovered the video, my wife, my climbing partner and I were on my porch celebrating New Years eve. At exactly the change of New Year, a disk illuminated 500 yards above the Broadway Bridge, the disk was stationary and had a bubbled center with a tracer type light circling the disk before it went dark. I saw a clear bubble shape in the lower center and the disk was completely stationary. After 5 seconds the disk slowly started moving west toward the coast and as it got directly over Portland a "orb" came around the side of my building, 8th floor, and stopped directly in front of all 3 of us for about 3 to 5 seconds. The appearance of the "ball" looked like a rock, there was no smooth surface, and the movement was irregular like if a nickel was put into a blown up balloon and tossed. It then shot up into the air and went directly toward the disk. I lost sight of both as the went over the hill behind Portland toward Beaverton OR. I will upload a photo taken, but the video file I will only give to someone who takes interest. I have tried other resources getting help with this and have had no luck, no one has the photos or video file. The video I put together was recently shown at the Roswell UFO Festival 2016. mufon cms# 79834