Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Third Goleta CA UFO Sighting in five weeks 10/9/16

Location: Goleta, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
Date of UFO Sighting: 10/9/16

My daughter and I were driving home at dusk heading west. I was telling her about the virtues of looking up quite a lot. One sees all sorts of things; bugs, birds, stars, satellites, etc. I decided to glance up out of the side window of the car and saw an aircraft seemingly triangular in shape. The dusky light made it difficult to discern an actual shape. There were three lights on the UFO; one on the nose of bright white magnitude -7 appearance, one at each "wingtip", port side red, starboard side amber, each of similar magnitude to the front light. At first the UFO seemed to be a fighter jet at an approximate altitude of 500 ft traveling directly over the suburb of Goleta. It traveled over the top of our vehicle on a banked trajectory at which point I told my daughter to look up and out of her side window. She immediately located the UFO and noticed that only the wing lights remained visible but in a matter of seconds appeared white in color. There were no flashing lights. The UFO trajectory became due north and, instead of planing off as a typical jet aircraft will do, the UFO seemed to maintain a strait line up at about 10 degrees and continued due north becoming seemingly a hundred miles away in a matter of thirty more seconds or so. The UFO eventually curved a bit before disappearing still well above the northern horizon. nuforc UFO Sighting Report here

UFO Sighting of two brilliant tear shaped UFOs right along side the moon Norwood MA 10/10/16

UFO Sighting Location: Norwood, MA
UFO Shape: Teardrop
Duration:90 seconds
Date: 10/10/16
Never before have I witnessed something like this UFO. Wow!! While smoking outside with my mother and stepfather on the front patio. It was raining and the moon was crescent and waxing. There appeared two brilliant tear shaped UFOs right along side the moon but seemed much closer to the ground. Almost like in front of the moon but at a lower altitude. Maybe about 20 000 feet. I've been a private pilot for 14 years so I have a good sense for AGL. The two UFOs were bright pink in color. They hovered for about 45 seconds and then simultaneously took a sharp left at 90 degrees and shot straight up out of view. Traveling at several thousands of miles per hour. They left no streak of light. They just took off. The strangest thing is, it left a smell. The whole neighborhood smelled like a sweet fruity smell for about 12 hours??? Really strange and crazy. I thought i should report. My first report ever. nuforc UFO Sightings report