Monday, October 10, 2016

Giant Triangular UFO appeared out of a large flash of light over Ontario Canada 10/12/12

My girlfriend and I were dropping my Brother off in Belleville Ontario.We were on our way back to hastings after dropping my brother off.So everything seemed OK until my girlfriend and I were driving back from Belleville. I remember it was late in the night around 10:30-10:45 pm we were driving up to the small town of Campbellford Ontario which is approx 45 min from Belleville so as we approached Campbellford my girlfriend noticed a very bright light coming from the sky up ahead she was frightened by it she screamed Steve what is that. I look up in the sky and to my amazement these bright lights come breaking through the small clouds and out comes thus Triangular UFO. It's was huge I told my girlfriend Lori to pull the car over so we could get a better view of the UFO as it approaches. So we pull off to the shoulder off the country road and watch this Triangle coming through the field. It made no sounds at all totally quiet and it had a spotlight coming from it. It looked like it was scanning for something on the ground? As it came closer I noticed it had 3 light that pulsed in sync with each other.As well as an X on the belly of the craft wit a circle around the X. On the back of the UFO it had 20 lights all white. Like in a row the UFO had to be at least 500-1000 ft. For sure and again it made no sound as it passed by us. Lori and I were in total awe. I know it wasn't a plane my girlfriend knows it wasn't a plane.This was a UFO Real true proof. mufon cms# 79720

Latest UFO Sightings of Two V-Shaped Triangle Craft Littleton CO U.S. 10/7/16

We (husband and wife) were sitting on back deck talking, looking at stars and for satellites. Our back yard has a good sky clear view of the sky with little to no light interference.

I was looking at the sky and noticed an UFO that was out of place to should not have been there.

Note: we are amateur sky watchers and look at the sky, stars etc. almost every night.

UFO was large and V-shaped with soft white lights that were out of line. UFO appeared to moved in unison but fluttered, did not make a sound, no contrail and made an immediate position change to closer to us. My wife and I went into the house and called our son to come take a look. In passing him we asked our son to get his camera. We went to the front yard exiting the front door of the house. At the time we went into the house the UFO appeared to be already pass. When we exited the front door of our house the UFO was just passing overhead. This time our son also saw the UFO. Unfortunately, our son was unable to get a picture as the UFO disappeared. At this time I left my son and wife in the front yard and I went back into the back yard and looked at the sky.

At which time I spotted another UFO similar to the larger one but with 4 white lights per side and one in the center almost directly above the house moving from N to S. At that time I knocked on the house to get the attention of my wife and son who were now back in the house. mufon cms# 79713