Friday, February 24, 2017

Fluid Formation Flying UFO Disks over Peoria AZ 2/21/17

My sister and I initially thought we were witnessing a bird migration, but the elevation was too high to be birds. We then witnessed what looked like 10 circular UFO craft, that were light in color, possible light silver or white, and were reflective, begin moving in a fluid formation that was like nothing we have ever witnessed. These UFOs bobbed and weaved within one another so fluidity that we were sure we couldn't be witnessing anything man made. UFOs flew in this fluid formation for 10 minutes then completely disappeared. There were no clouds in the sky for them to disappear into, and it was perfect weather with very little wind. My sister and I were driving north on our way home from running errands and we turned west and watched them until they disappeared. When we arrived home, we saw fighter jets flying around our area. nuforc UFO Disks over Peoria Az 2/21/17 report 

Diamond shaped metallic looking UFO with blinking lights Santa Fe NM

Autumn of 1980, my friend stormed in from outside around 10 PM ,woke me up and said, "There's a UFO outside!" Several neighborhood folks (maybe 20) were also outside watching this city-block sized metallic-looking UFO floating silently, about 5-10 miles per hour over the residential street just NE of Alameda street in Santa Fe, NM. It was about 20 feet from top to bottom. This UFO was floating only about 5 stories high, not much higher than the Hilton Hotel nearby which is 3 stories high. We all watched until the UFO gently floated into the horizon to the NE. The whole UFO Sighting was about 20 minutes. I personally was shaking in my slippers at first, but calmed down as it floated away. It's silence was eerie. There were 4 (I think) colored lights at the bottom in a single line, blinking sequentially. There was writing on the sides which looked sort of like Russian letters to me. This was during the Cold War, but even then I though the Russians would not be showing us their technology over a capitol city! Santa Fe, of course, is only 35 miles from Los Alamos, the home of the Atomic Bomb. The UFO Sighting was in a Santa Fe newspaper the next day. Or maybe it was an Albuquerque Newspaper, I'm not sure. It was a long time ago. mufon cms#82297

UFO triangular shape with purple lights fly over house from the lake North Saint Paul MN

School year of 2013. I was the only one who witnessed it for my family. About 7 o'clock at night it was starting to be winter. I was watching TV in my living room. I saw purple lights flash one time from Over the lake in the air. I ran outside to take a closer look my dog started barking. I went out to my driveway. My driveway is a shared driveway with my neighbor. He was gone. I looked up in the sky moved over to my neighbors side of the driveway. I sighted a giant triangular dark UFO figure bigger than 4 houses. UFO Flew low from the lake over a bunch of houses including mine. And I watched this UFO till I couldn't see it anymore. After I couldn't see it anymore the dog stop the barking. This UFO was pretty close to the rooftops of the houses close as within 200 feet from the rooftop of the houses. The UFO was long lengthy triangle having a narrow tip and a fat back. The UFO made no noise and it flash purple lights once. I tried to take a photo but my phone was dead. mufon cms# 82313