Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Flat Oval Disk-like UFO twisting and turning sighted Bryan Texas 2/17/17

I arrived at work and was walking across the parking lot toward my office building when I noticed what I thought was a small airplane banking back and forth in the sky to the northwest. I thought maybe it was a stunt plane, but then I noticed it had a flat oval disk-like shape UFO, twisting and turning in place. I continued to walk across the parking and for a short period the UFO was eclipsed by the building, so I walked around to the side to get a better look. The UFO was still there. For half a second, I though maybe it was a bird soaring in the wind as there was a pretty good breeze blowing, but it appeared to be hovering in place, although it was twisting and turning - plus, it had a definite oval shape. A few seconds later, it stopped turning and exited away to the north/northwest until in was no longer visible. I can't say with certainty that there isn't a prosaic explanation for what the UFO was, but it was strange. Possibly a drone, but unlikely with how it was turning over in the sky and then just flew away. As best as I can tell, the UFO was maybe about 300 yards away, about 35 to 40 degrees in elevation from my position. nuforc Bryan TX UFO Sighting report 

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