Saturday, February 11, 2017

UFO Sighting Red/White triangle plus "helo" rotor sound Athens MI

UFO Sighting reported Feb 6, 2017, 2325 EST Athens, MI . I started hearing what sounded like a single rotor helicopter just hovering, by the sound, maybe 200 yards away, 100 ft up. Over about 3 minutes the sound slowly increased, increasing in intensity, until my windows started rattling, as if a train was passing real close. The rotor sound was very loud, 85 – 95 db, increasing in pitch. I looked out the window, there was a bright moon, everything looked normal, no odd shadows, nothing blocking the moon. The coyotes were yipping and howling. In an instant, I saw 2 lines of a UFO light, one red, one white that formed the “sides” of a triangle, in that same instant, the UFO light triangle appeared to move extremely fast in a straight line making a screeching sound, almost like a startled mouse would make, only much louder. The UFO Sighting of this triangle appeared to be 30 yards away, possibly 15 – 20 ft in size, about 40 ft up. The “rotor sound” was gone, windows stopped rattling. A split second later, the rotor sound came back 200 yards farther East as just a low, slow moving drone. The UFO triangle light was as clear a light as I have ever seen, appeared to be just below a solid object, that now blocked the moon light, The acceleration was nearly instantaneous. The coyotes went silent. 3 hrs later there was a meteor that streaked the sky that was NOT anything like what I saw earlier. nuforc Athens, MI UFO sighting report

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