Thursday, February 9, 2017

Strange Blinking UFO Lights moving across the sky in a group New York City sighting 1/1/17

There were lots of little white UFO lights moving north east in direction. In the past, I have also witness in that direction, a blue light in the sky. But last night, a group of four people including myself witness possible 10-12 little blinking UFO lights erratically moving in that direction at different speeds in no specific order or configuration what so ever. It was like they were independent of one another and traveling in a group. A few UFO lights came after others moving much slower. At first the people I was with thought it may have been airplanes, but airplanes would not travel so close to one another at such a slow velocity. Then there was the idea that they were drones, but why would multiple drones be flying in one direction and not turning back. nuforc New York UFO Sighting report

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