Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A morphing disc shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere Dana point CA

I was walking my dog in the park in front of my house. There is a raised grass area along a bluff overlooking a cove in the ocean at Dana Point. The bluff is about 100 ft elevation. It was about 9:pm and the sky and the ocean were completely black, no stars or moon. Up and to my right high in the sky a disc shape UFO just appeared. It was white on the top and green on the bottom. It made a few very fast horizontal moves, then stopped. All of a sudden the UFO starts to fall in an arc, change to a ball shape that was green in the middle with a white glow around it and a comet like tail. Now the UFO was falling and looking like and appeared like a space capsule flaming to earth. No sound at all. When the UFO got close to the ocean I thought it was going to crash and explode. I was so close I thought it might hit me so I turned to run. As soon as I did it, stopped mid air. Now it changed into a ball again, about 30 ft in diameter, and just hovered above the water about 50 feet. the UFO had no distinguishing features, looked like a smooth ball. Bright orange, but not shinning any light. I felt like my movement to run made it stop and notice me. There wasn't another person out that night. The ball then made a roller coaster kind of move toward me which made the ball turn into a worm like shape. All of this movement is light speed, so the worm shape was more like a color trail. It was now coming at me and I turned to run again. When I moved the UFO stopped dead. UFO was close to me, but still out over the bluff. Then it shot out over the water toward Catalina Island like it was cast out on the end of a fishing line. The ball shape changed to more like a rope shape. UFO moved so fast that the ball shape and the line looping out over the horizon where all visible at once. Then it all disappeared. With only me as a witness. Have you ever heard of anything like this? mufon cms# 82280

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