Monday, February 20, 2017

Saucer Shape UFO Sighting Ellington Fl. 10/11

I was out on my front porch on the phone with my mother when I thought I saw a very low helicopter just above the tree across the street. But as I looked harder I realized there was no sound! Helicopters are extremely loud. It saw me when I saw it I walked down my drive way as the Small Dark Metal Saturn like saucer UFO met me half way down my driveway. The UFO hovered about 50.ft in front and about 100 feet above me. I waved hi ! I was not afraid at all. Me & this UFO just sat there for ten minutes looking at each other. Then I guess he got bored with me staring at him and he slowly hovers away in the opposite direction. I watched it slowly move above a man made lake it got to about a mile away maybe less and he just vanished and at that moment my friend that was living down the street was coming to visit and he was looking at the same orb as me buy didn't seethe ship as I saw minutes before. The UFO floated left to right left to right went higher and higher. Then finally gets up so high he blended in with the stars. mufon cms# 82203 Sauce Shape UFO Sighting Ellington Fl. 10/11

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