Saturday, February 18, 2017

UFO above a building moving slowly before hovering Great Brittan 1952

During the period of this UFO incident in the early 1950's I was an Air Cadet. One of our main weekly activities was aircraft recognition, often from blurred and grainy photos of mainly Russian and allied warplanes. On this cloudless Summer afternoon, in Cheriton on the outskirts of Folkestone, I was already changed into my ATC uniform and about to leave home, in the late afternoon. Before leaving I went to get a drink of water from the kitchen tap, in front of the window. At that moment a very slow moving UFO came into view from behind a building/trees to the right, from a Northerly direction and was just visible above the next two story building, however, the UFO was some distance behind the Children's Home over the fields behind them. It was immediately identified as quite a large disc shaped UFO, that continued to move slowly in the same direction, finally hovering for a few seconds while I wondered 'what now', before shooting off and up and away in a North Westerly direction. 
The most amazing aspects were the sudden and unbelievable rate of acceleration and the ever increasing airspeed, taking just a few seconds, no more than four or five, to vanish into the distance, without deviating. During the short time of the event, maybe thirty seconds and less than a minute, I stood and watched what was happening with intense interest and didn't even blink, not unnatural, but was very surprised to see a UFO in the 'flesh'. I called my Grandmother to come and look but she was too slow to appear. mufon CMS 82160

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