Monday, February 13, 2017

Huge Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting Orlando Longwood FL

My sister (who was visiting from PA) and I were taking a walk after dinner. We were on the corner of Brandywine Lane and Stonebridge Drive in Longwood, FL. My sister first spotted what she called a UFO coming toward us from the southeast. When I saw it I told her it was just a flock of geese against the night sky. It was dusk, not totally dark yet & the sky was sort of dark blue. But as it got closer I noticed you could not hear the geese honking and whatever it was, was sort of chevron shaped surrounded by a cloud or mist. As it got just a bit closer I realized my sister was correct. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it and we were both excited as well as scared. I was in awe. finally this UFO flew directly over us still going northwest. When it was over us, well it was huge. It covered the entire block. It was so low I felt as if I could have touched it from a roof top. It was dark in color with quite a few lights which were white like headlights. The lights did not shine down or ahead like headlights. They were just there. They did not blink on & off or change color etc. There seemed to be a gray mist or haze or cloud around this huge chevron shaped UFO. It made no noise. There was no sound coming from it at all. There was no breeze or wind from it. It flew directly over us never changing direction or speed and went from southeast to northwest in a straight line. It took about 15 minutes total from when we first saw it until it was out of sight. We both knew that nothing we were aware of could fly that slow, that low, making no sound, etc. And again it was "huge". It had to be at lease 200 yards across. After it went out of sight we ran home and immediately called the Orlando police to ask if anyone had reported seeing something like this in the last half hour. They were frankly not interested in our call at all. We then called the Orlando airport since that is the direction we thought it came from but again nothing. (I later realized it was not coming from the direction of the Orlando airport but more from the direction of Cape Canaveral now Cape Kennedy.) We both sat down to draw pictures of what we saw while it was still fresh in our mind as we did not have a camera with us. Our pictures do not exactly match but they are similar. I would really like to know why no one else saw this. It was Monday night football and my husband was watching TV but there had to be someone outside that evening in a city the size of Longwood or Orlando. And this thing was way too big and too low to miss. My sister and I are not special in any way, we are not physic, we were not contacted by Aliens or abducted, but we are also not crazy and we both know what we saw. Many years later I saw a TV show about something similar being seen in the Hudson Valley, NY in 1982 and 1983. Another TV show interviewed a woman in Texas who reported the exact same thing. And the Phoenix lights in 1997 were very much the same. Again, neither my sister or myself want to be on TV - we just want to know what we saw. And most of all I would like to speak to some other people who have seen the same thing we did. I was 35 when this happened. I am 70 now, and obviously am not giving up until I get some answers. It is quite clear to me that this was a UFO and we are being visited. So will you please have a field investigator contact me. I would really appreciate being able to tell this to someone who would believe me. I am fortunate enough to have many close friends but the few I have told just don't care to talk about it which tells me they either don't believe me or this sort of thing just isn't important to them. How could this "not" be the most important thing that has ever happened to mankind.!!!