Sunday, February 12, 2017

UFO Light dim to dark and bright Eagan MN

UFO Sighting of a Bright light against sun, magnificent brightness and maneuverability through clouds, dim to dark and bright, two UFOs total. On hwy 13 westbound heading towards 77, I saw a bright light in the sky far away and high up in the west sky. It remained much brighter than an airplane and was against the sunlight. The light became very intense for about 1.5 seconds and went back to just bright. I thought perhaps it was a meteorite entering the atmosphere but then the UFO light seemed to maneuver around through the clouds (far distance away). The UFO stopped being bright for several seconds and looked simply dark. There was another UFO near the first UFO location, both moving around very quickly and far away from my location (possibly several miles), both identical in appearance but not in sync. When the first UFO reached maximum brightness, my heart dropped, this looked like nothing ever seen before and its movements felt playful in nature, as it maneuvered through the clouds. nuforc ufo report Eagan MN 2/10/17