Tuesday, September 6, 2016

UFO sighting looked like a balloon being let go & hovering into the sky SC U.S. 9/5/16

I was playing music with my band on Sunday evening at the date noted above at smoky oak taproom off of camp road on James island, SC. I have played the same venue for over two years now with the same vantage point of the skyline over James Island South Carolina. There is a clear view of the sky looking directly northeast of the stage set that we play on. On this particular day it was mostly clear with a few white fluffy clouds here and there. Usually when I am playing my instrument I look up at the sky and see the sunset or the clouds or whatever is going on in the sky. I live close to an Air Force Base and close to a regional airport so there are a lot of planes and helicopters that normally fly over, which I'm used to sighting on a regular basis. The sky was exceptionally blue, and the clouds that there were, which were very few, we're very bright white from the reflection of the sun. During the middle of one of our songs I looked up and saw a small dark colored orb UFO hovering and slowly ascending vertically into the sky. At first it looked as if it were a child's balloon that was accidentally let loose and was just slowly climbing from the helium, so I looked away. Once I returned my site back to the skies I noticed that the UFO was still there but had stopped abruptly. Honestly I couldn't tell how far it was away from me considering the distance of the clouds that were in my sight, however my intuition tells me that it was many many miles away, maybe 10,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level. Once I focused on it again, the UFO appeared to flicker from a dark color to a light color as if the reflection from the sun was creating some kind of optical illusion. I attempted to signal my other two band members at the time but they were very enthralled with the music and I did not want to interrupt the song. I did however notice a few other children in the audience and maybe an adult or two also gazing at the sky and pointing. After about two to maybe three minutes I noticed the UFO change directions sharply towards the east to maybe about a couple hundred feet in relative distance. After that I totally lost sight of it as it seem to have vanished in mid air. I have seen many airborne vehicles and have done a lot of piloting myself as a freelance pilot and I have never witnessed an UFO of this nature. Unfortunately my band mates did not witness the same thing but were interested after I told them what I saw. I am very skeptical of unidentified UFOs in the sky but for some reason this one caught my attention and persuaded me to report it to the only source that I know that would take it seriously. I wish I had a better description or video evidence but unfortunately my story is all that I have and I hope it has some kind of help to your cause. My feelings were, "am I actually seeing a UFO or is this just something floating around that I can't describe?" To me it was not something that you would normally see in the skies but something that is abnormal. It was definitely not a balloon or anything that I have ever witnessed before. MUFON CMS# 788959