Saturday, September 3, 2016

UFO Sighting between 1:45-4:00 am four UFOs hovered stationary WI US 9/3/16

While sitting in my hot tub I always watch for satellites, I noticed 1 bright white UFO that was darting around in multiple directions then would stop and hover, I then saw 3 more in different parts of the sky. The first UFO was over the Norther Bay of Green Bay, one to the South of me, and two UFOs to the North. I grabbed my binoculars and could see bright white UFO orbs with multicolored pulsing lights. They would move abruptly in any direction they wanted to, then stop and hover again. These objects remained in the sky for several hours. They had absolutely no sound. I estimate their elevation at 15 to 20 thousand feet. MUFON CMS# 78896

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