Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My entire body was completely frozen by UFO Light Eatonton GA US 7/12/16

One day at around 2 am I was outside on my porch. I had headphones in and I was watching a video on my phone. The front yard got a little brighter but I live in a wooded area and whenever a car drives by the headlights illuminates my yard a little bit. So naturally I thought nothing of it. The light did not go away but I was preoccupied so I didn't give it a second thought. I started to hear a weird sound, it sounded like nothing I had heard before. The light in my yard got brighter, I knew it couldn't be a car, it was way too bright to be a car. The weird sound got louder and the lights got a little bit brighter, at that point I tried to get up to go look over the rail to see where the light was coming from but I could not move. My entire body was completely frozen, I couldn't even move my neck. It felt like hours that I stayed there completely still. One second I cant move and the next second the lights and sounds are gone and I can move. As soon as I could move I stood up grabbed my stuff and leaned over the edge of the porch but I didn't see anything. My initial reaction was fear, I was confused as to what I had just experienced. I went inside and went to my room. I sat and thought about what had happened and then I got upset because I didn't get to actually see anything. I experienced something unexplained and I believe that if I could have seen outside of the porch I would have seen a UFO.MUFON CMS# 78989

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