Monday, April 4, 2016

Various UFOs observed close proximity 2/27/16 Faribault MN US

UFO Signs:

27th of February, 2016 beginning from 9:15 P.M. to approximately 12:00 A.M. the next day: Witnessed 12+ UFO's from a range of 200 - 3000 feet from my position. I was able to observe the underside of a thin boomerang shaped craft 200 to 300 feet from my position, with a wingspan of 50 to 80 feet. It's underside was comprised of many intricate plates with deep black borders, and smooth corners. The center and edges were comprised of simpler patterns. This UFO craft had no surface color but the 7 small, rectangular white lights aligned close to the anterior. It moved silently at about 10 mph in a straight path for 5 out of the 7 seconds I was able to observe it, before taking a sharp right turn in front of my garage of which I stood behind. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed, realizing that I should have chased after it instead of standing still trying to process the thoughts running through my head. I took steps back, frantically looking around to see if I saw it again. My aunt later pulled into the drive way, and I rushed towards her trying to explain what I saw, only to have her sarcastically say she believed me. I stayed outside while she went inside, and not even 5 minutes later I saw another UFO: 600 to 800 feet from my position, this UFO was a bright yellow mist in the shape of an arrowhead,with its anterior corners separated, moving silently at about 30 mph. It's wingspan was 100 to 150 feet across. The corners instantly merged into the center of the UFO craft as if they were non-solid after about 5 seconds of observing it, to then zoom into the distance at speeds of at least 200 mph(Faster than anything I have ever seen before). I was shocked, my heart racing. I thought I was hallucinating. 10 minutes after running around my house staring into the clear night sky, I decided to stand in front of my house for a wider, clearer view. Looking upwards down the street, I see a "Letter T" light formation descending from 600 to 800 feet high, estimated to be 400 feet high when it moved just above me down the street at 40 to 60 mph. As it descended I couldn't help but focus on the front lights, as it was made of 4 pure white ovals of 2 distinct sizes: Both on each end were around 80 feet long while the 2 middle ovals were around 50 feet long. The tail was comprised of pure, white circles with radii of about 70 feet. I say pure, because I observed identical lights create a wide-angled boomerang formation only 100 to 200 feet above my house while the entire formation rotated counter clockwise, yet I couldn't see any depth or physical structures surrounding these lights.(I'll come back to this sighting). As it passed above me, my eyes retracted to yet another UFO. Once again, only fainter: A yellow arrowhead of mist passing under the "Letter T" formation at 40 to 60 mph. Only this time its corners were not separated, and again: this craft did not seem to be solid as it looked like a triangular yellow cloud of dust moving into the distance above the rest of the neighborhood. I looked back that the "Letter T" formation as it descended near ground 700+ ft away past the tree line and above yet another neighborhood. Words came out of my mouth naturally, as I attempted to record these things with my phone. Not even 10 minutes later, yet another one of these "Letter T" formations appeared roughly at the same altitude I initially spotted the previous "letter T" formation. The circles comprising the tails were never in a symmetrical pattern, and I observed 5 to 6, and 3 of which I can remember accurately. This second formation I witnessed only had 4 circles forming the tail, but what I was more observant of was the formation of lights making the front part of these UFO's. They seemed faint from afar, but as the UFO descended, I could see the same exact shape and size as the previous "Letter T" formation. From all the "Letter T" formations I could observe, these 4 lights seemed to be elevated in comparison to the lights forming the tail. I assume that because the tail is comprised of individual UFO's, that some structure must extend above them coming from the front part of the craft. Assuming this is correct, the lights forming the tail must be emanating from crafts of a height that is relative to the difference in elevation of the lights forming the front and the lights forming the tail. This difference in elevation was about 40 to 60 feet. But what is strange is that I was never able to observe anything else but the lights coming from these light formations including the other 5+ boomerang/triangular formations of identical circular lights. (The first boomerang shaped light formation I mentioned was the only symmetrical light formation I witnessed during this 3 hour event). Keep in mind that I did attempt to record many of these UFO's with my cellphone in 4k, however after reviewing all the videos it seemed the camera was unable to capture the light from any these objects. After witnessing the third "letter T" formation, I witnessed a unique UFO in the distance at 1000 to 3000 feet from my position: Blue light in the shape of a triangle with extensions protruding from each corner continuing into the center. This UFO craft rotated counter-clockwise and moved at speeds of at least 100 mph at an altitude of 200 to 400 ft. The center had a pattern too blurry for me to clearly observe, as I was only able to observe this UFO for a little less than 7 seconds before it faded into the distance. Not long after that I witnessed one of the last "letter T" formations I remember. This one stood out to me as there were many lights aligned along the right side of the last 4 or 5 lights, and as usual it followed roughly the same straight path as the previous "letter T" formations. These "letter T" formations appeared between 5 - 15 minute intervals. Shortly after seeing these, things didn't get any less stranger. I began to witness fast moving A symmetrical formations of the same circular lights. They tilted like giant winged animals as they took wide turns over the neighborhood towards the direction of the second UFO sighting I mentioned(Southwest). This was the case with all of the remaining UFO's I witnessed. I cannot remember the exact order in which I saw these formations, however I can accurately remember the appearance of 3 out of the 5 or 6, all from a range of 100 to 800 feet when nearest to my position. In no particular order, here is how they appeared and behaved:
1. An approximately 140° wide boomerang formation of pure white, perfectly flat, circles, rotated counter-clockwise as a whole while moving at about 30 mph, 100 to 200 feet above me and my house as 3 of these circle aligned themselves (individually) at the left end to form a symmetrical pattern, to then tilt almost 90° and take a wide left turn over a small school near my home as I chased after it. It had gained significant speed after moving about 200 feet after forming into a symmetrical formation(100+ mph). I decided to use flash whilst recording some of these formations in hope that it would attract attention(may seem unbelievable), however nothing happened as a consequence of that action. This formation was made of 17 to 19 circular white lights.
2. Similar to formation #1, only it had another 2 circles to the left of the last 2 circles at the right end. This formation remained tilted the entire time it was observed 500 to 800 feet when nearest to my position and 300 to 600 feet high, moving at speeds of 100+ mph.
3. At first glance, it seemed like I was watching the big dipper moving at speeds of 200+ mph, however it was a symmetrrical, triangular formation making the front, while the back was made of 5 - 6 lights on the right end and 2 on the left end. The right end formed a trapezoidal formation. Also remained tilted the entire time observed roughly at the same distance as formation #2. All of these formations tilted just under 90° leftward.
These were the last of the UFO's witnessed at around 12 A.M the next day. The only people who I saw outside were the few drivers who may have seen me running up and down the streets looking up into the sky. To my disappointment, it seemed as though nobody else witnessed any UFO's that night as I decided to report this to MUFON CMS # 75595,only to have them dismiss my case and deemed to be "unbelievable". After much thought, I have come up with several explanations as to what I saw with these points in mind:
1. All UFO's Observed Were Near Ground Level, Under 800 Feet In Altitude When Initially Spotted, With Some As Low As 100 - 200 Feet As Observed.
2. All Were Silent, Even From Close Proximity.
3. Cloaking Technology Was Observed In First UFO Sighting, Signifying the Need For Stealth.
4. The Flat, White, Circles Never Had Differences In Elevation To One Another Even When In The Process Of Alignment.
5. No Solid Structures Were Observed Other Than The First UFO Sighting.
6. All Circular And Oval Lights Could Not Be Determined As Emanating From Structures Who Came In Physical Contact With One Another.
7. The Need To Separate And Realign May Signify The Need To Transfer Physical Material From One UFO Craft To Another.
8. As Some Of These UFOs Were Clearly Unresponsive To Light Signals From The Ground,That May Suggest That They Are Not Designed To Observe Terrestrial Objects.
9. The Boomerang Shaped Craft I Was Able To Observe Was No More Than 8 feet From Bottom To (Observable)Top, At Its Thickest Part(Center). This May Suggest That These UFO Crafts Are Merely For Stealthily Abducting Subjects And Transporting Them From One Place To Another, Unless The Space Inside Is Somehow Larger Than Outside Of The Craft Itself.
10. As All Of The Formations Of Circular Lights Tilted, The Lights Became Flat, And Almost Invisible As They Moved Into The Distance. Also, These Lights Were Fainter When Viewing Their Top Side Than When Viewing Their Bottom Side, May Be Because I Was Not Able To Observe Their Top Side For Long As They Moved Fast When Tilted.
11. If These Indiviual Crafts Forming These Light Formations Were Able To Tilt At 90°, Does That Not Effect An Anyway What Goes On Within These Individual UFO Crafts?
12. All Letter T Formations Remained Perfectly Flat As They Descended. I Was Never Able To Observe Any Directional Changes In Their Paths.

Vertical Cylindrical UFO descends near airport Phoenix Az

UFO Signs:

I was riding my mountain bike on Javelina Trail on South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ, on April 2, 2016. At approximately 7 pm, I noticed an UFO in the sky that was unusual enough to stop and take a picture and video. The UFO size caught my attention first. It appeared to be a solid, vertical cylinder, with an angled, extended tube or pipe attached to the cylinder's bottom. It was drifting east and descending slowly towards the ground. I observed the UFO for 1 minute and then I continued down the trail for approximately 1 minute to find a better view. I observed the UFO for another minute before losing sight of it below the horizon. It was twilight and visibility was too low to observe a landing site. At the approximate distance of 2 miles, I estimated its height to be between 30-50 feet. This flight path looked to be within 2 miles of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and I thought it was unusual for any hot-air balloon or leisure craft to be so close to a major airport. I can't think of an explanation for this UFO. It looked like a deflated hot-air balloon, but it was moving too slow to be a crash-landing balloon. There was no movement from the upper portion, like a deflated balloon might have. The body of the UFO looked solid and well formed with definite edges. And the angled appendage from the bottom was very unusual. I took a 15 second video during the first minute observation and a single picture. No media from the 2nd viewing location. I had no emotional response to the event, but wanted to capture some evidence to show others. MUFON CMS#75606