Saturday, April 23, 2016

Followed by Multiple UFOs 3/29/16 Farmington NM U.S.

UFO Signs: We, fiancĂ©e , children and best friend who I was abducted with, were driving to the 4 corners USA. We all felt incredible amounts of energy and it was like something was following us. We shot out I phones off at the clouds and certain a anomalous looking rock formations. We couldn't see things with our naked eyes but the camera picked up a UFO that were dancing in the clouds following us. There were unexplainable cloud formations that were running vertical that should have run horizontal. There were greenish florescent orbs, lightening bolts ( despite total cloud covering and no rain) shooting down at structures that looked like Stone Henge. There was a white tubular UFO. We all felt almost crazy with energy. Again there was nothing that the eye could pick up, but the camera did. These photos must be blown up, you'll see multiple UFO's in and out of the clouds!
MUFON CMS# 75984

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