Saturday, April 30, 2016

UFO Sighting reported 4/28/16 Unexplainable Logic over Woonsocket RI.

UFO Signs: Unexplainable logic in what I saw over Woonsocket Rode Island.
As a prior service member and a veteran I tend to embrace a more logical explanation on things, what will follow in this UFO Sighting report has baffled and puzzled me in its complexity of engineering. I stepped out for a cigarette outside I have a view that allows me to see a bit of range over the tree line and most buildings in view. And in the quickest most unexplainable fashion and very bright oval in shape UFO (with a very bright HID light shine) soundlessly came into view as it zipped right in front of me then as quickly as it came into view this UFO changed complete trajectory and course and just went out of view. What messed me up was the fact that I'm trying to make logical sense of this,"thing/UFO/craft" whatever name anyone wants to put on this was definitely not something I know to exist nor do I know of anything that can move so fast and so bright and so soundless it was eerie and illogical. I'm perplexed and oddly uneasy. source NUFORC

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