Monday, April 18, 2016

Diamond Shape UFO Sighting Reported 4/18/16 Manhattan Beach CA

UFO Signs:

My friend likes to smoke cigarettes and I don't so I just stand with him outside when he does. Just an ordinary night and we like to look up in the sky especially after dark and talk about space/observe the visible planets/moons. Tonight less than an hour ago starting about 2:30 am we both witnessed a upside down diamond shaped UFO we both could not explain. We are both aircraft enthusiast and pondered for over an hour on what the UFO could be. I even had time to go inside and get my binoculars so we could get a better view. This thing was amazing, It appear in the west out over the ocean with 4 spotlights pointing down under the craft that had an aura like glow to them while it blinked a plasma or laser like green. We could immediately distinguish this UFO from the many airplanes that take off from the local airport and fly out over the ocean because this one blinked a bright green light almost like a laser, then a softer brighter white then normal planes, then a deep red laser type red. This thing just hovered for over 20 minutes in place! I ran inside, got my binoculars and we were just observing the UFO when it started hovering very slowly up and down the coast almost searching. At first we thought it could be a spy plane, or advanced drone or craft our military could be testing. We still have no evidence to prove it wasn't, It might be but at this moment I cannot make any assumptions. It seemed to fade out and what i mean by this is when we saw it first, it was small. About double the size of a 747 at 10,000 feet. It then traveled north up the coast and disappeared, reappearing about 10 minutes later from when it had initially started moving. This time it was the same distance out over the ocean from us but it had grown 3-4 times the size. It was as if the first one was a drone and this second UFO encounter was the drone command vessel or carrier type craft it was enormous! It then ascended and descended many times in a weird pattern before sinking to a hover right above the tree line. There was no sound for the first UFO encounter and no sound for the second UFO encounter until after it had went up and down and sank to a hover that's when a really weird jet type hum was heard at a super low frequency. Right when I heard it I asked my friend if he had heard it to, as it continued for about 15 seconds. He did and said he had never heard any type of aircraft make that sound before. It then slowly at almost a crawl speed hovered as it made its way down the coast, this is where the fading in and out came into play. This UFO thing went from enormous to the size of the first UFO encounter within seconds! a circle in the middle of the UFO immediately became black and everything outside of that circle just faded in transparency until it was no longer observable, it did this a couple of times then returned back to its original huge visible form. after traveling south down the coast it disappeared behind some trees but within 20 minutes it had returned slowly floating back up the coast again to its original spot where we first encountered it. It was amazing because in the amount of time it was there about 3-5 planes flew in the general vicinity of this UFO almost as if they were looking for it or didn't even see it and it just slowly sank to a hover barely above the tree line and went the opposite direction of the planes. The first two planes that we observed almost chasing it were the size and shape of a concord jet, these planes we very fast and flew north to south twice one by one. Eventually the UFO just disappeared, but that wasn't it. In the same place where the UFO appeared there was now a bright star shaped UFO that was glowing yellow and even through binoculars we could only see a yellow ball shaped UFO glowing a plasma yellow color. This UFO remained in the sky almost the same size for only a couple minutes then was gone. A little higher in the sky above these encounters, about a half hour later was a bright light blue/white UFO that looked almost like a star. When it appeared it was a very deep almost teal blue and eventually turned into a light blue then into a white/blue flicker. This disappeared around 3:15 in the morning. We observed these things for over an hour and went over every possible plane or craft that it could of been/every celestial object/or weird phenomena we have heard about our entire lives. I have never witnessed anything like this, i was not scared but excited. My friend was deeply scared but not admitting it besides the constant reference to the world being ended by lasers or bombs and how they could possibly go to war with us. In the end we both agreed it was nothing we had ever heard about besides in science fiction or the x files and the technology demonstrated was beyond anything either of us had seen any military use. We really are not alone and before tonight i only had this theory based on my vast knowledge and love for science/space time. I have physically seen and heard the evidence and will even testify in court as will my friend who witnessed it with me. You can lie detector me, you can claim my accounts were false, you can make me look crazy, or even go so far as to ruin my life. Just know that till the day that i die i am a man of my word and i have witnessed something i could only explain based on my knowledge of science fiction. We have very advanced technology in use around our planet and in this solar system, I don't know where they are from. I don't know who or what they are. I don't even know if its a military black ops project. All i know is i saw a craft i had never seen before, it displayed advanced hovering and speed maneuvers, It was pulsing and blinking lights i had never seen a aircraft use, It could fade transparency of huge parts of its ship making it go partly invisible or even entirely invisible, the planes flying around it seemed to not know of its existence flying directly in its path, and I'm pretty sure it exited the atmosphere in a yellow plasma glow when it left and then turned into the color or a degenerate dwarf star(blue) as it traveled wherever it was going before it faded from visibility. Whatever it was it was way more advanced than me or my friend had ever seen, we are aircraft enthusiast and this blew our minds. I apologize for not getting a picture but it was really dark and i can not afford a good enough night vision or inferred camera to capture the images. I would have loved to see if thermal energy could be picked up on this craft though! when I get a good enough camera I will post pictures but until then I can only upload pictures of crafts with the same shape. I am not considering the craft I post pictures of to be real or fake, I don't know and I didn't see them I am only posting the pictures for reference of the exact type shape of what I truly saw tonight. Again we will testify in court if we are asked to, as to what we have see tonight i can only describe to help understand what exactly was hovering up and down the southern California coast at approximately 3 am 04/18/2016. Until I have encountered something else or have documented photographs I will not be posting anything to leave space for other actual encounters, I hope everybody else takes the caution and respect I do to this site so we can better understand what is truly happening in our skies. DON'T BE AFRAID TO LOOK UP, educate yourself and stay up to date on current propulsion technology so you are credible. If you can afford or save up to buy a decent infrared or night vision camera do it, every night while we sleep things are happening above us and it might be a threat but how are we suppose to even find out what these things are so we can assess them if the true accounts are buried or discredited. If this was a government black ops project, please release this to the public! This technology will save millions possibly even billions of lives and place our species among the stars where we truly belong. You are only hurting yourself and holding your species down if you are hiding whatever it was we observed tonight. Divided we will fall, but together we will rise! MUFON CMS # 75908

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