Sunday, April 10, 2016

UFOs invade the skies over Bradenton Florida on 4/9/16

My wife and I were about to run to 7/11 when we noticed several UFOs that were all shaped exactly the same. The four UFOs were not in a group but spaced out across the sky of West Bradenton Florida. We originally thought the UFOs were stars but the UFOs began to move across the sky we then figured they had to be planes even though they looked nothing like any planes we ever saw.We just chalked it up to the sky playing tricks on our eyes. The UFOs that look like 4 separate strings of pulsating beads moved in slightly different direction but all four headed toward the same westerly general area,what appeared to be a planned direction or location two of the UFOs changed directions as we watched.The UFOs also seemed to gain altitude as they were moving , after about an hour 15 mins the UFOs stopped dead in the sky in four different locations. As I type this report they are currently hanging in the sky on the extreme West of Bradenton .The pulsating of the lights seems to have increased especially in two of the UFOs. The lights appear to be White, Red and Blue/Green but are pulsating in unison not separately. The scary and worrisome part of this whole thing is It feels to me as if they traveled and then stopped in what I only can describe as a pattern that makes me feel unsafe. Like they are stationed there to observe something or be ready to initiate some type maneuver. I just walked back outside and all UFOs are still there clear as day but two have moved very slightly from there original parked position of about an hour ago. To be honest my wife is freaked out. What comes to my mind is a few days ago NASA launched a rocket that basically flys right over Bradenton , it just seems like this situation is related in some way to the Rocket launch . It's 23:30 currently and no change still there. MUFON CMS #75736

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