Sunday, April 10, 2016

UFO Boomerang & Triangle Reported 4/8/16 over Rockingham Au

UFO Signs:

I was driving to work at 4.30 am on the 4/8/16 when something caught my peripheral vision in the early morning night sky, then all of a sudden I noticed a very bright star slowing to a halt, this happened less then a minute from work. I parked my car and looked up at the star like UFO, the UFO starting moving so I reached for my phone and took a short video of it and just before it went out of sight I took a still photo of it because on the still photo I can enlarge it. To much of my surprise it wasn't a star anymore ,it had a defined shape. Because my focus was on the moving stare like UFO I neglected to notice at that moment that there was a larger UFO to the right as if it was a mother ship just standing stationary. I have since sent copies of the video and still photo to channel 9 Perth. I tried to upload the video and still to my home computer however it does not show the true quality of the images like my galaxy s5 phone does. My only regret is I wished I kept taking more photos because after the moving UFO went out of sight over a rooftop I noticed 3 white UFOs moving super fast straight up through the clouds then out of sight. I got the feeling the moving UFO I first noticed split up into three. MUFON CMS #75738

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