Sunday, April 17, 2016

UFO Reported 3-29-16 Large Oval Shape Disk Snellville GA

UFO Signs:

I saw a UFO just south of the corner of Leach Rd and Bethany Church Road. At approximately 8:45 - 9:00 pm on 29 March 2016, I was driving south on Bethany Church Road and as I approached my turn onto Leach Road, I observed a large row of extremely bright rectangular windows hovering just a few hundred yards farther down Bethany Church road. The UFO seemed to be circular because the windows appeared to be wrapped horizontally around it.

The UFO was low enough to be partially hidden by the trees. It made no noise and was completely motionless.

I have a pilot’s license and I know the differences between types of aircraft. This UFO was definitely NOT an aircraft. It’s lights were too bright and it’s low altitude was way beneath FAA minimums. It did not move in the time that I observed it and I would have stopped to take a photograph, but I became frightened and did not want a close encounter. Next time, I’ll take the chance to get a photo. I lost sight of the UFO because of my driving away from the intersection.

This was my second UFO sighting. My first was in the company of my older brother where we both observed a pair of UFOs flying high on a clear, moonless night. They seemed to be following the magnetic lines of the earth as they traveled silently and with great speed. They were definitely saucer shaped and emitted a blue-green glow. This first encounter was in the first hours of July 5th. Not sure of the year but I would guess 1955. Location was Auburn, New York. MUFON CMS# 75898

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