Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bright Red Hovering UFO Reported Sighted by many Witnesses 4/23/16 Texas

UFO Signs: This UFO Sighting incident was reported to me by a credible person , I thought it should be reported I am peace officer in the city where the incident happened. I was off duty and was called by a resident of Wentz St who asked me if I was working I told him I was not and he said he was wondering if anybody had reported the UFO above the Wentz St area.He told me that a bright red orb UFO was hovering over the neighborhood and that all the neighborhood was looking at it and taking video he then said the UFO orb suddenly got brighter and broke into 5 different UFO orbs going into 5 different directions trailing what seemed to be fire behind them some of them going into the clouds. He told me that this UFO incident went on for several minutes the light was close enough to hear if it was man made but this orb made no noise, he also reported that he heard gunfire in the area where one of the UFO orbs flew off too.Thirty minutes later a thunderstorm came into the area.No other information given other than the above mentioned.He advised he would try to get me some video of om the neighbors. MUFON CMS# 76014

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