Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Lost Betty Hill UFO Alien Sighting Interview - Part I

UFO Signs:

Legendary UFO Alien abductee Betty Hill is interviewed by New England folklorist John Horrigan in October of 1999. This interview, conducted at Betty's home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was thought to be lost to posterity until Horrigan discovered the tape in his attic in October of 2009. In this segment, Betty describes her alleged UFO Alien Sighting encounter with extraterrestrials (along with her husband Barney) on the evening of September 19th-20th, 1961. 

UFO Sighting Reported 3/30/16 New York City

UFO Signs:


While traveling west in Queens on the LIE into Manhattan, I noticed an object hanging still in the sky south towards Brooklyn. It was shaped like a corpuscle on its side and appeared whitish in color. It did not move. It hung there in the sky for about 2-3 minutes. It was not a plane or a helicopter. I was on a bus moving quickly and could not take a photo. NUFORC.ORG